Maximum benefit for the minimum outlay

There are a three key things you can do to increase the information security in both your personal and business life at very little cost in both terms of money and time. And here they are:

  1. Enable Two Factor Authentication where you can.
  2. Keep your computers, tablets and phones updated with the latest software.
  3. User a password manager to create and store long and complex passwords.

When you look at the amount of effort required, the benefit gained it enormous. When it is combined with an audit of the software, hardware and services you use; you’ll get an overview of what you have and what needs to be secured. You may also get an idea of what services can be terminated, what hardware can be switched off and what needs replacing if it has become obsolete - planned or otherwise.

Security - as they say - is not a product but a process1. It is actually more than that - information security is a philosophy and one that must be accepted by all those in an organisation. They also say that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” - something that is right on the money. You can throw as much money at consultants, monitoring solutions etc but it only takes one person who really can’t be bothered to make all that worthless.

Once everyone is on-board and you have an audit of assets, software updates are being applied, strong passwords and two factor authentication is the norm - you are in a good place. And you can do all this without the need of a third party company or product - a spreadsheet can be used to list your assets, work tablets used for generating the 2 Factor Authentication codes and strong passwords in an encrypted network file.

We are not here to sell you products and services you neither want nor need.

This the philosophy that we follow. Please get in touch if you would like to engage us.

  1. “They” being Bruce Schneier