Hidden Agenda Ltd

IT Security for Camberley and the surrounding area

We are a small business providing IT Security consultancy to our fellow small businesses in the Camberley area. We offer a range of services to businesses that align with our philosophy.

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) Compliance.

Principle Status
A1.a Board Direction Achieved
A1.b Roles and Responsibilities Achieved
A1.c Decision Making Achieved
A2.a Risk Management Process Not Achieved
A2.b Assurance Not Achieved
A3.a Asset Management Not Achieved
A4.a Supply Chain Partially Achieved
B1.a Policy and Process Development Not Achieved
B1.b Policy and Process Implementation Not Achieved
B2.a Identity Verification, Authentication and Authorisation Not Achieved
B2.b Device Management Not Achieved
B2.c Privileged User Management Not Achieved
B2.d Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Not Achieved
B3.a Understanding Data Not Achieved
B3.b Data In Transit Achieved
B3.c Stored Data Achieved
B3.d Mobile Data Partially Achieved
B3.e Media/Equipment Sanitisation Achieved
B4.a Secure By Design Achieved
B4.b Secure Configuration Not Achieved
B4.c Secure Management Not Achieved
B4.d Vulnerability Management Not Achieved
B5.a Resilience Preparation Not Achieved
B5.b Design for Resilience Partially Achieved
B5.c Backups Partially Achieved
B6.a Cyber Security Culture Achieved
B6.b Cyber Security Training Achieved
C1.a Monitoring Coverage Not Achieved
C1.b Security Logs Partially Achieved
C1.c Generating Alerts Not Achieved
C1.d Identifying Security Incidents Not Achieved
C1.e Monitoring Tools and Skills Not Achieved
C2.a System Abnormalities for Attack Detection Not Achieved
C2.b Proactive Attack Discovery Not Achieved
D1.a Response Plan Not Achieved
D1.b Response and Recovery Capability Not Achieved
D1.c Testing and Exercising Not Achieved
D2.a Incident Root Cause Analysis Not Achieved
D2.b Using Incidents to Drive Improvements Not Achieved