Mitigate the risk … chuck it away.

IT Security people saying “manage the risk” may seem like a trite cliched response to every question because, quiet simply, it is. I’ve followed discussions on Linked In where people politely congratulate each other on regurgitating the same line completely devoid of any context or explanation of what “managing the risk” actually entails.

The Lithuanian government explained that some risks can’t be mitigated through technological or management means - an anathema to the self-congratulatory Linked In echo chamber - by chucking certain Chinese tech in the bin.

It is easy to get swept up in nationalist nonsense when it comes to China; jealously of the next world empire from the Gammons in the former (and soon to be former) empires.

The reality of the situation is one that needs a few thousand words. I can’t promise when I’ll be finished, but the reality is that a government that is happy to lock up a whole ethnic group should never be trusted.