Comments on things that I see.

OpenBSD Firefox default upload directory

Unviel is good and this helps.

I’m dumping Apple products

Crap products for a premium price.

OpenBSD/Windows time argument

I duel boot my X250, Windows changes the time.

Installing Nokogiri on OpenBSD

Installing Nokogiri on OpenBSD.

Copying USB image to OpenBSD

Backing up Windows 10 boot images to OpenBSD.

It’s only in the lab - until it isn’t.

Not possible. Theoretical only. Only possible in the lab. Needs expensive equipment. Visa and Apple Pay making excuses.

Dump your Chinese phones …

The Lithuanian government is not pulling any punches here.

Shenanigans at my old gaffe.

Down at the old Polytechnic of Wales, miscreants were up to no good.