We provide a wide range of IT Security services, from the removal of viruses and spyware, securing your Internet services and 24 hour monitoring.

Malware Removal

If your Windows PC’s are running slowly it is probably because of all the software that has been installed over the years clogging things up. It might even be just be perceptual - your new phone or friends newer computer is quicker and this makes your computer feel slower. It could also be due to viruses or malware - if you haven’t been keeping your computer up to date this is certainly a possibility.

If your computer is still under warranty then it is best to have any work done under that as removing malware might require removing the hard disk so it can be scanned by another computer - this will almost certainly invalidate your warranty.

£75 - attempted malware removal, disk and computer tune up.

Vulnerability scanning

Regular testing of your network for vulnerabilities - both internally and externally - is essential if you wish to keep your computers secure. For your network to stay secure you have to get it all right, all the time. An attacker only needs to get lucky once. Regular scans can help find any devices that may have been added and those either failing to get updates or now obsolete.

£300 per 7.5 hours.

Managed Security Service

A full inventory of all your IT assets, your networked scanned and mapped and all assets patched and locked down to the maximum while still being useful. Monitoring software is then installed on all compatible devices, a Network Intrusion Detection System monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and the alerts from both are monitored 24 hours a day. As your assets have been logged, you’ll receive emails when software and firmware updates are required.

You will network will also be scanned - internally and externally - every month.

Initial hardware costs plus £2000 set up and first month and then £500 per month.